Don’t mess with me! My ‘Bother Englineer’

It all started with the job application email I got.

The Applicant's Email

He sent me an ‘exe’ file (I’m on a Mac. Not a problem at all.) Later, got the SWF which was a stupid, kiddish flash intro.

A Flash Intro

With all the continuing mails back and forth, I was already pissed off. My attempts to ignore him was fruitless, telling him that we don’t need him turned out meaningless to him. I finally gave up and wrote an email.

My Reply

I think he got furious, was angry and he felt that I mean ‘he was stupid’ though I was talking about his work. So, here is the reply that let us to create this website ‘Hiring Horror’.

Bother Englineer

Well, we’re sorry but we won’t be able to hire him.

18 thoughts on “Don’t mess with me! My ‘Bother Englineer’

  1. kuratkull

    I was a scambaiter(wasting 404 scammers time and making them jump through hoops for nothing – then ditching them) and I wanted to tell you that the style of writing if very familiar.
    The über-cockiness and boasting about “cool” family members is very typical for an enaraged scammer who feels he’s not getting anything from you, but still not wanting to blow his cover.
    Oh, the typos are typical too.

    I would be glad if you’d check the email headers and see if they lead to S-Africa(and maybe replying to me)… just curious :)

    Take care.

  2. General Maximus

    Yep. Indian for sure. I’m an Indian, and I’m sick of dealing with the kind of English this guy uses. He can understand the English language pretty well, but to anyone who knows Hindi it’s pretty clear that he was translating most of what he has written from Hindi to English in his head.

    People don’t understand that Hindi and English are two completely different languages, and just knowing the words isn’t enough.

  3. CV Bin

    No we didn’t, we were trying hard to ignore him or tell him politely that he will feel totally out of place if he is amongst us.

    @piece of shit
    I’m sorry if we’ve hurt your sentiments! ;-)

  4. mare tranquillitatis

    I was helping to screen applicants for my own position once (good place, great boss, just helping out) and I got a CV in a password protected word file. Without the password.

    I just never wrote back.

    But in all honesty, reading this post, you should just have not responded. What possible good did it do to call the fella stupid? None, neither to you nor to the applicant.

    Why is it so hard to either be nice ot to be quiet?

  5. CV Bin

    @mare tranquillitatis

    Please read the whole thing. We tried ignoring, telling him politely that we won’t be able to entertain him. These are few which came up while we’ve been silent on most front.

  6. Rahul Jain

    For Vaidhy and General Maximus,

    I wonder why you felt compelled to comment on the guy’s nationality. That’s besides the point, don’t you think?

    Grow up, you “duck typed” morons.

  7. Manish Sinha

    English is not everyone’s first language. You have to accept this fact.
    Secondly, if you consider that fact that there is such a big workforce of Indian Engineers, this is because lots of people know English in India. (Though not all)

    Commenting on the nationality just shows retardness and to some extent racism. It is not about ignoring the facts. There is no proof that he is an India. Someone just hinted and PN just turned it into a fact.

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