Scobleizer on Resumes that suck

Scobleizer says that 80% of Resumes are crap and will be rejected out of hand. How do you get put into the crap pile? Here’s some ways from his blog;

# Include only an attachment and don’t write anything in the body of the email.
# Include a misspelling.
# Apply for a job which you are clearly unqualified for (it stands out like a sore thumb).
# Include a Word document that can’t be opened (something like Microsoft Word 2007 format that can’t be open in earlier version, OpenOffice nor Pages).
# Include only a resume and don’t explain why you think you are qualified for the job (believe it or not, a well written letter puts you to the top 20% pretty quickly).
# Send it from an email address with a goofy name.
# Apply for a job for which you are clearly overqualified for.
# Have your friend send in a resume for you.
# Don’t test your email on a variety of clients.
# Send it from free version of Hotmail/Yahoo!, which puts an advertisement at the end of your email. Looks very professional when one see is the ad and nothing else. Continue reading